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About Cortex Fabrics is the premier manufacturer of Silicone fabrics in the United States. The company, headquartered in Bloomfield, NJ, provides beautiful, sustainable, performance upholstery products to the hospitality, healthcare, contract, senior living, transportation, and marine market segments.


BT 136

200LF This collection is a Best in Class performer. With color options for days and extraordinary durability, the toughest decision will be which, if any, you can leave behind.

Aquarius 146

Aquarius This graffiti-free textile is the ultimate performer. Leave your worries behind when Fusion is on the job. From typical staining food ingredients, to pesky cosmetics, and even writing instruments, the inherent qualities of Fusion protect the beauty of your upholstered goods no matter what spills on it.


Faux Mo Luxury and beauty combine with durability and strength in Cortex Fabrics Faux Mo. This extraordinary velvet-like fabric, with inherent anti-soil and stain properties, as well as unsurpassed durability, is as comfortable and appropriate for the living room or the opera house.


Hemingway There’s nothing Old Man and the Sea about this collection. The fun fashion colors, which bring a pop of vibrancy and pizazz to any palette, also provide excellent durability and performance.


Sheers are the gentle blurring element of privacy and quiet, breezy and romantic, they quietly work to help create the ambiance of a room. Our sheers are available in endless patterns and solids to help you strike just the right mood.

Pebbles 36250

Silicone is one of the world’s most sustainable products. Phthalate and plasticizer-free, with no PFCs or formaldehyde, Silicone offers extreme performance, from weather resistance properties, making it ideal for marine applications, to healthcare utilization for unparalleled safety and comfort, to automotive applications, ensuring extreme durability, stain resistance and coldcrack, all while maintaining a luxurious hand and total comfort.

The Silicone Story

Learn more about this natural, sustainable fabric option from Cortex. >

Gravity B30

All products produced by Cortex Fabrics are ecologically sound and sustainable. It’s the company philosophy and culture and clients know that when they’re buying Cortex Fabrics, they are supporting green initiatives and healthy living.

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